Charges flow from positive to negative or do they?

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Posted By : Garima Chauhan, Class 8, GOODLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL

Electricity is an indispensable part of our life. We cannot imagine a life without electricity because without electricity we cannot imagine anything. Yes, our brains interpret and transfer information in the form of electrical signals.

Electricity/Electric Current is the movement of charges from a point of higher potential energy to lower potential energy (positive to negative terminal).

In metals electrons are the carriers of charges.Wait a minute, did I say electrons? But that would mean that the direction of electricity is from the point of lower potential to higher potential (negative to positive terminal), right? But how can this be possible?

The fact is that electrons do carry charges in metals but we normally believe that electricity travels from the point of higher to lower potential (positive to negative terminal). This is because of some history. When Benjamin Franklin theorized that charges moves from a point of higher potential energy to lower potential energy(positive to negative terminal), no one knew about the structure of an atom.

You might ask that why don't we change this concept? But ask yourself that if we change this firmly established concept that is neither accurate nor creates a difference in results , wouldn't that create a chaos.Also in ionic compounds like NaCl(sodium chloride) both the electrons and protons carry charges, so the concept that charges moves from a point of higher potential energy to lower potential energy(positive to negative terminal) is not necessarily wrong.

So who says electricity is not electrifying??laughsmileyenlightened

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Prashant Singla

Current is a positive quantity meaning that the charge we consider is positive but actually what is inducing current is the movement of electrons therefore we apply direction to it to compensate the negitive sign of the charge with the negitive sign of the direction of movement making it positive. that is why we consider that current moves from positive to negitive terminal.

Posted on : 09-08-2017 07:47:45

Prashant Singla

firstly you should understand that positive charge(protons) do not move ..therefore the concept of current from positive to negative does not mean that positive charges are moving.. positive means deficiency of electrons.and movement of electrons causes current in opposite direction. hope you understood

Posted on : 20-08-2017 11:25:30

Harshil Nigam

good content little bit of more research required....but from my side this is a good one

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