Trignometry a tool per excellence

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Whenever a student listens the word trignometry first thing it comes in his or her mind is trigo ratios, identities and what not difficult things. students often take trignometry as useless subject without any real life use. But in reality the way trignometry has influence over our life and whole world around us is very interesting. Trignometry is nothing but dealing with sides of right angled triangles. But why right angled triangles. This is because a right triangle follows pythogoras theorem and one angle is fixed i.e 90 degrees. In two right triangles if one angle is same then two triangles become similar, which means that their ratios of side are equal. This is the basic principle of trignometry. Well what are the day to day uses of trignometry? It is used to measure height of mountains, measure the hieght of other structures etc. Imagine it would be very hefty to use very big scales to measure big structures. So then how do we know or measure the hieghts of such huge peaks. It is Trignometry that comes to rescue. We just need to measure the angle of elevation or at angle at which we can see top of peak from known distance from base . Using angle of elevation and one base distance we can calculate the height of peak. Apart from measuring heights it is also used widely in physics, astronomy and engineering. The applications of trignometry are almost endless and helps us in many ways.

Posted By : Manuj Jain, Class 10, GOODLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL
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Trigonometry is not used ONLY for right triangles. Trigonometry is just barely defined through right triangles(or a unit circle). It used in all sorts of places like geometry, analytic geometry, calculus, vectors and it's also used to solve some kinds of algebra(yes algebra) problems.

Posted on : 12-08-2018 10:10:13