Yoga in Daily Life

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Yoga is recognised internationally, and June 21st is celebrated as the World Yoga Day. Yoga is a tonic for both mind and body. Through a set of asanas and pranayama, the body is made flexible. There are many asanas or postures that bring relief to various health problems. 

The main goals of Yoga in daily life are: Physical health, Mental Health and Social Health. Yoga is mainly practiced today as repeated, harmonious movements of the body that have a soothing effect on the mind.

An important and well-known practice of yoga is Suryanamaskar. It is a series of 12 poses performed in sequential order. It is done in the early morning facing the rising sun or in the evening facing the setting sun. Here is the prayer that is chanted before performing Suryanamaskar.

“Hiranmayena patrena satya-syapi-hitam mukham,

tattvam pusanna-pavrnu satya-dharmaya drstaye.”

It means – “The Truth is concealed by the golden vessel. O Sun! Open the entrance to that cover, so that the Truth that is concealed by you is visible to me, a truthful devotee, by your illuminating Grace.”

Suryanamaskar calms the mind and helps improves concentration. Today in the fierce competition to excel, performing Suryanamaskar daily will boost endurance power of students and reduces the feeling of anxiety and restlessness, especially during exams.

(Students of Vivekananda Bala Vikas Kendra, Hyderabad)


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Anurag Kumar Pandey

Nice sir, everyone promotes yoga but why not towards to the ultimate goal of life , towards that question that " who am I " ?

Posted on : 31-07-2018 05:26:17