The Bulging Brain !

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Posted By : Kritika, Class 10, GOODLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL

To hear some scientists talk, you might think scientists know everything, but actually they don't. There are lots of mysteries left to solve, lots of things we don't know or don't understand. For example, there's one object that is so mysterious and makes the most intelligent scientists scratch their heads. It's their own BRAIN. Scientists aren't completely sure how it works !

But if scientists are puzzled by their own little grey cells, what chance do rest of us have? No wonder learning about your own brain can give you a head ache ! But help is at hand, I would take you through a series and unfold the folds of our BULGING BRAIN with some interesting facts and questions and make an attempt to quench your thirst of knowledge with the help of my research on this mind boggling object!

The brain is the part of your body that tells you what's going on around you. Your eyes scan the letters, your brain makes sense of the words and your memory reminds you what they mean. Without your brain, you would be dead as a Dodo's tombstone, so it's good to know you have your very own bulging brain right now between your ears...hopefully!

As a first step we would begin with some facts and a quiz and then continue as I share some facts and figures about the BULGING BRAIN in the series to come...!!!


 (In this part we will discuss some amazing facts about our Bulging Brain)

Your brain weighs less than 1.3 kg- that's a little less than the total weight of all the germs swarming in your intestine. In fact, it is only one-fifteenth of your total weight and far lighter than your guts, blood, skin or bones!



(In this part I would present you with some multiple choice OUT OF THE BRAIN questions  that would tickle your funny bone ! The answers shall be discussed in the next part of the series. You can also drop your answers in the Comments Box below)

So just how clever is your brain ? Try and answer these brain teasing questions !

(1.) What would happen if half of your brain is damaged?​​

(a.) You can't remember anything or suffer from short term memory loss

(b.) You simply die.

(c.) You will survive but would have to go to school again to learn everything again as you've had a permanent long term memory loss!


(2.) What happens if someone cuts your brain into two?

(a.) You become twice as clever as you are now (Remember multiplication does not apply to zero!)

(b.)  You brain functions normally but you would do the same activity twice and won't realize!

(c.)  Each half of your brain behaves like a separate person


(3.)  How would you feel if someone wiggles his or her finger in your brain?

(a.)  It would be the worst pain in the world

(b.)  You'd feel hot and cold chills running down your spine

(c.)  Nothing because the brain cannot feel touch.


(4.) How much energy does your brain use in a Biology Test?

(a.)  It cannot be measured as it is very less. (Especially if you don't know the answers!)

(b.)  Enough to power a dim light bulb.

(c.)  Enough to light up the whole class! (You are a BRIGHT student!)


(5.) Why do you feel tired after a Biology test?

(a.)  The mental efforts strain the brain

(b.)  It's your body that gets tired, not the brain

(c.)  You draw up lots of energy during the test and its deficiency later on causes fatigue


Common give your answers in the comment box ! Iam waiting to know your answers !


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