GSLV Mk III to Use Kerolox

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A highly refined form of kerosene, kerolox, will be used for GSLV Mk III, as this would increase its payload capability. The Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO), is working on upgrading GSLV Mk III, which is a heavy lifter.

According to a report in the Times of India, ISRO plans to increase the payload capacity from 4 tonnes to 6 tonnes. Speaking to ToI, ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan said initially the cryogenic stage fuel loading capacity will be increased from 25 tonnes to 30 tonnes. Next, the core stage L110 will be replaced with semicryogenic engine. This will carry liquefied oxygen and kerolox instead of liquefied hydrogen.

The first test of the Mk III will be conducted in 2020. The launch pad facility at Sriharikota will also be upgraded to handle the advanced version of Mk III.

Currently, Space X, promoted by Elon Musk, uses kerolox for launching heavy payloads.

The services of Arianespace, Spaceport in French Guiana, are being utilised for launch of heavier satellites into the orbit. The latest by ISRO was the Gsat – II, which weighed over 5.7 tonnes.


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