Learn to live- Atoms and molecules are teachers!!

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Article By: Dr.L.Akilandeswari
Assistant Professor of Chemistry,Sri Sarada College for Women,Salem

Hi dear kids, 

            Very often we learn the scary chemical formulae and equations at the time of examinations and of course during class tests. We memorize them and pen them down during the tests. Many a times the one with a stronger memory reproduces all the equations in a chapter and all others are panicked and as the days go we become inimical towards Chemistry “Oh! I am afraid of reactions and equations and that is why I don’t want to study chemistry”.

How can we overcome this?

By just becoming a part of ‘YOUR CHEMISTRY’!!!

“My Chemistry????”

Yeah!!! Chemistry after all involves the study of interactions of atoms and molecules. We are composed of atoms and molecules!!! Accept them as your friends and you can enjoy with them. You can understand their nature, they teach you many things !!! Let us start with simple things:

        All of us know about Sodium chloride (NaCl) also known as Table salt or common salt. With little bit of chemistry knowledge we know that it is an ionic compound.  Let us look into a small equation that forms NaCl

 Salt Equation

        Sodium and Chlorine are two different characters that make a beautiful team (NaCl).

 Sodium Chloride

 Lesson from this Chemical interaction: Two treacherous chemicals form a team by bonding they become a passive healthy chemical without which human race cannot exist (Of course excessive consumption is harmful but not deadly)

           So we Humans also should form such a team with strong bonds and thereby benefit our fellow friends.

More in the next article- Bye Bye….                   


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then there are many reactions like that. for example magnesium oxide is a reaction between magnesium(metal) & oxygen(normal)

Posted on : 09-03-2018 08:16:00


there isno atom

Posted on : 03-04-2018 10:34:45


Posted on : 19-04-2019 11:59:50