Gravity Speaks...

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Article By: Sabareesh.P.A
Vijnana Bharati

Gravity is one of the supporting reasons for the presence of life on earth. Scientific studies reveal that the earth’s first living organism evolved in water and later on after thousands of years, life started to brink on land mass. Without the gravitational force, water would never look the way in sea and ocean, but be compiled of millions of visible water bubbles of different volumes and masses wandering inside the earth’s atmosphere. Collision between the bubbles would have resulted in constant change of volume and its other properties like internal pressure and chemical equilibrium, thereby assuring unfavourable condition for the growth of cells and hence a planet free from living organism. Tactics would have been adopted after many years to withstand and resist the unfavourable condition for the growth of cells inside the water bubble. Forming a protective layer or hard shell to withstand the unfavourable conditions might have been a viable way, if so.

At present the stable form of life on earth is largely supported by the gravitational pull towards the earth’s core and therefore all living organisms bind within the laws of gravity. Any material working against the gravitational laws tend to escape from the earth into outer space, provided the velocity of that material satisfies the thrust required. It is these laws that are violated for rocket propulsion and space journey. Similarly any body mass passing near the earth in outer space is pulled into the earth due to the gravitational force. The body travels towards the earth’s surface at extremely higher speeds generating great amount of heat at the surface of the body. Temperature of the body mass rises to an extreme, causing the body to burn into ashes. This is the reason behind the long tail like structures or comets falling from the sky during night. However, large asteroids entering the atmosphere of earth would prove fatal for human settlements as the time between its entry and reaching the earth’s surface is insufficient to burn it off. This can also be seen as a misfortune of gravity.

Gravity has its application in our daily lives also. A person lifting an object weighing 10 kilograms has to apply equal force against gravity to lift the object. Similarly a shopkeeper weighing one kilogram of rice has to balance the weighing machine by placing one kilogram of weighing bar on the other side. A flying bird has to put on equal thrust to propel itself, so as to prevent itself from falling down.

This is the story of gravity in earth. Other planets in our solar system have their own altered words of gravity to speak. After all, the complete universe stands at the tip of gravity.

Posted By : Sabareesh.P.A, Class 12, Vijnana Bharati
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Nice article,,,
Any thoughts if gravity is reduced by 25%...what will happen, can you imagine..

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