Few Tips to Learn Mathematics

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Learning mathematics can be easy if the learner studying mathematics is ready to get his/her mind straight to the subject. There are several things which can make mathematics learning easy and fun for everybody. We list below a few possible tips for enhancing the learning of mathematics, and some of them may lead to different explanations at different learning levels and environments.

1. It is not a good idea to study mathematics by simply memorizing formulas and equations the way we use to memorize facts and dates. It is very important to know formulas and equations, but the best way to learn them is by using them. An attempt to learn mathematics by memorizing concepts and results is always considered as a counter-productive approach.

2. It is not possible to grasp crucial concepts just by reading and listening. It is always helpful to go for more and more practice to develop good ideas on mathematical concepts and to enhance problem solving skills.

3. Possible diagrammatical, graphical and geometrical understandings of mathematical concepts are helpful to develop concrete ideas about the concepts. Such a habit may also be helpful to develop logical and philosophical understandings of the concepts.

4. Understanding how to approach a problem is necessary. Also, it is important to review the mistakes, and this will be a great way of becoming stronger in mathematics and avoiding the similar mistakes in the future.

5. It is a good idea to try understanding mathematical results with examples. It is also necessary to give due importance to negative results. When a mathematical result fails in its full generality, it is important to understand the reasons with case studies and examples. Also, more and more relevant exercises should be attempted to work out on own.

6. Different techniques should be explored to solve the same problem and try to understand the strength and weakness of each technique adopted. Such a habit, not only help one in better understanding a problem, but also very helpful to pass with flying colours in competitive examinations.

7. Classmates, teachers, tutors and other learned persons should be approached to discuss and develop mathematical ideas. Efforts in groups may also be helpful to understand complex concepts.

8. Mathematics is a cumulative subject. So, it is not a good idea to ignore any topic of a course in mathematics as the same topic may be necessary to understand several other topics of the same course or other courses.

9. There are several online platforms to learn mathematics, but only trusted such platforms should be explored. Online platform such as expii.com may be greatly explored.

10. To enlarge the domain of mathematical knowledge, one should attend popular talks and other events organized to promote and induce mathematical temper, and actively participate in quiz, essay writing, extempore speech, and other relevant competitions in mathematics.

11. Mathematics learners should read about mathematicians, stories behind the development of mathematical ideas, etc. Also, one should read magazines, newsletters in mathematics to stay updated with latest developments. There are several mathematical societies that one can associate with as a member or volunteer.

12. It is always a worthy idea to attempt relating mathematical notions to real life activities, and also applications of mathematics in other subjects. Connections between several branches of mathematics should also be explored.

13. It may be a good approach to study first the already collected materials, including text and reference books appropriately one by one than just collecting them in large volumes. There are varieties of materials/books in the same area of study, and it is important to adopt materials/books, according to one’s actual needs and read them in proper order. It is also not a good idea to adopt only those mathematics books having solution to all problems. A proper study plan with guidance from teachers and other learned persons should always be helpful.

14. Different learners have different capabilities and interest towards the subject mathematics, and so it may be a good idea to discuss one’s learning issues with persons having the requisite qualification and experience.

15. Self-learning habit through right ways by adopting proper materials and methods should be beneficial to enhance mathematical knowledge gained through a formal education system. It should also help to explore different ways of thinking and tackling problems based on self-capabilities.

The tips mentioned above are not necessarily applicable to every learner and in every learning situation. Also, no logical order is maintained in the presentation of the tips. Hence, experts in pedagogy of mathematics may be consulted before adopting the tips.


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