I humbly invite your kind attention to the ideas I would like to share with you!

I began to love and start imagining science because of the motivating speeches of "Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam". His vision for India mesmerized me. His motivating words made me think at a higher level. Finding my interest in Robotics, I made two robots. Firstly, a small robot and secondly another robot which is as tall as an ordinary man. My idea is therefore: Kalam Security Mission.

Man has always tried to overpower nature, but nature always shows its power through its fury. One of the threats we face from Nature is that of the earthquake. A large part of India falls under the earthquake prone zones. So there is always a risk of losing lives and property due to these ‘surprise tremors. Properties can be rebuild, but life is precious and once lost is lost forever. How do we save lives then? How wonderful would it be if we can predict the tremors in advance and evacuate the population? Couldn’t it save millions of lives?

I sometimes wondered how the birds and animals are able to sense the tremors in advance. On researching about it, I learnt that they could do it naturally by picking the ultrasonic sound emanating from the ground. Since humans do not have the capability of picking such minute sound waves, I am thinking of developing a robot with a digital sensor that can pick ultrasonic sound waves. The sensor will digitally read the tremors and accordingly send warnings to our mobile phones. On receiving such a message the government authorities and the civil society can be alerted to secure the lives of the population. We will be prepared to face the tremors in a better way. This is the overall idea of Kalam Security Mission. In this mission Robotics has a large role to play!

Robotics, the study of robots, deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots as well as computer system. Robotics is a rapidly growing technological field and has applications in diverse fields of research and development and day to day life. They are very helpful in: diffusing a bomb, assisting workers in mines, exploring inside the gas tanks and volcanoes, travelling on the surface of mars. Robots can also detect and diffuse bombs.

Robots are useful in space exploration too. Space is an environment that is hostile to humans as there is no atmosphere like we have in earth. In space robots work smart enough to do experiment. AERCAM sprint is the name of a robot used in space missions. Its shape is like that of a beach ball and it can move around outside a space shuttle, sending images back to the astronauts inside the shuttle. 


Athil Krishna

Class 12