From my childhood the ten numbers and the four signs have fascinated me a lot. When I came to know that “zero-0” was given to the world by an Indian Mathematician I felt really proud. To know more about the world of fascinating on!

According to , Aryabhata was  a legendary mathematician who was born in Kusumapura (present day Patna) in Bihar, India. At the age of 24, he wrote his famed “Aryabhatiya”. This book “Aryabhatiya” was one of the major contributions of Aryabhata. There are 108 verses preceded by 13 introductory verses in the text. It is divided into four chapters: Gitikapada, Ganitapada, Kalkriyapada and Golapada. He was the first to calculate the value for ‘pi’ accurately to the fourth decimal point. He devised the formula for calculating areas of triangles and circles. He calculated the circumference of the earth as 62,832 miles, which is an excellent approximation, and suggested that the apparent rotation of the heavens was due to the axial rotation of the earth on its axis. I am really fascinated by the depth of this subject. 

Sometimes when my friends say that they are afraid of Mathematics, I just fail to understand the reason. For me the long exercises are not Pirates; they are like adventurous expeditions. Every new topic is like a new voyage for me. Every numerical is like a high wave which I have to overcome.

When I was in class three I used to think that Maths was limited to only two books of mine, but now, as I learn new concepts and use new instruments I understand the vast reach of this subject. All these new concepts have started becoming my friends. I am never alone when I am with Mathematics. I love solving puzzles and brain teasing exercises. To be able to understand Geography, Astronomy and even Chemistry, understanding of Mathematics is a must. Mathematics has given me a clear insight into my Physics concepts as well. The different areas such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry hold in themselves the origin of all scientific inventions and deliberations.

Mathematics is endless. It is like a ray that has a starting point but no ending point. I am sure with this learning my boat will be able to cross this exciting expedition in the sea of numbers. Dear friends, if we try to understand the basic concepts of Mathematics, we will be able to not only score good marks in our school exams but also be able to visualise the scientific concepts clearly.


Shreenabh Agrawal

Class IX-A

The Chanda Devi Saraf School-KR